The Best School Districts In San Diego County

Whether you have children or not, school districts are important to your choice in a home. The quality of the school district has a significant impact on a home’s value and marketability. If you do have children, you’ll want to help them make the most of their education. Choosing a home in one of San Diego‚Äôs best school districts helps set your children up for lifelong success. So as you search for a home, we decided to put together this list of the 10 best school districts in San Diego County.

1. San Dieguito Union High School District

The top school district in the San Diego metro area is the San Dieguito Union High School District, which serves just over 13,000 students. The district has A+ ratings across all academic, social, health, safety and athletic areas. It is also the seventh-best district for athletes and the eighth-safest district in the state. As one of the state’s wealthier school districts, it offers ample engagement opportunities for students. The district’s Torrey Pines High School is the number two high school in the whole San Diego area. Almost all students are on a college prep academic program, and its curriculum for college prep ranks 15th in the state.

2. Poway Unified School District

With an A+ overall rating, the Poway Unified School District is rated as number eight for athletics in the entire state and one of the best districts for the top teachers. Only 8.3% of the teachers are in their first or second year. The collective experience of the teachers provides students with engaging opportunities to learn, and they do this through regular field trips and hands-on learning in the community. Westview High School is the number three-rated high school in the San Diego area. It earned this high rating because of its top STEM program, high AP course participation and high graduation rate.

3. Coronado Unified School District

The Coronado Unified School District is small, with just under 3,000 students. This allows a more personalized educational approach. The A+-rated district features high safety ratings and some of the best teachers in the state of California. Coronado High School, the one high school in the district, provides students with a multitude of AP classes. More than 50% of the high school students attending are enrolled in at least one AP course.

4. Carlsbad Unified School District

Parents looking for a mid-size, high-performing school system could consider homes in the Carlsbad Unified School District. It has an overall A+ rating in every area, including health and safety, academics, diversity, teachers and college prep. At A+-rated Sage Creek High School, students earn much higher than average ACT and SAT scores, and the graduation rate is 98%. Students at this school have access to AP courses and a college prep curriculum.

5. San Marcos Unified School District

The San Marcos Unified School District ranks among the best school districts in San Diego for many reasons, beginning with its commitment to safety. The district ranks 27th out of 741 in the state for safety and health. It’s also the number one district for athletics. San Marcos High School, the district’s highest-performing high school, features an astounding 96% graduation rate.

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6. Grossman Union High School District

Also among the best schools in San Diego is the Grossmont Union High School District. Known for its openness, the district receives high parent ratings for its regular newsletters and effective communications. The district earned an A+ rating in diversity, A in teachers and college prep and A- in academics, clubs and activities. The best high schools in the Grossmont Union High School District are Helix High School and Grossmont Middle College High School, both of which have A+ ratings.

7. Escondido Union High School District

The Escondido Union High School District has earned a spot on the 10 best school districts in San Diego because of its low student to teacher ratio of 22 to 1. The district has A ratings for diversity, teachers and college prep services. The Escondido Charter High School has earned an A+ rating, based on health and safety, graduation rate and attendance. The district’s San Pasqual High School also has an A rating, which is based on its athletics, high rate of AP enrollment and above-average college entrance exam scores.

8. San Diego City Unified School District

Serving the entire city, San Diego Unified School District has more than 126,400 students. A school district of this size with an above-average performance is hard to find, but it is home to some of the best schools in San Diego. The district has earned an A+ rating in diversity, A in college prep and A- for teachers. The top high schools in San Diego City Unified School District include Scripps Ranch High School, La Jolla High School and University City High School, all of which have A ratings.

9. Vista Unified School District

The Vista Unified School District earned A ratings for its teachers and diversity. More than 86% of seniors graduate high school with their classmates. Parents who are looking for a top San Diego high school could consider Mission Vista High School, which has an A+ rating. It is one of the best magnet high schools in the San Diego area. More than 88% of its students achieved proficiency in reading.

10. Valley Center Pauma Unified School District

The Valley Center Pauma Unified School District ranks as one of the best school districts in San Diego for several reasons. Its teachers received a grade A for their experience, training and diligence. The district also has an A rating for diversity. Health and safety are always important to parents, and the district received an A- in this area. High school students in the district are encouraged to prepare for college, and their rating is an A-. Valley Center High is the top-ranked high school in the district.

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In Conclusion

With San Diego County being home to 3 of the nation’s 25 best school districts, you will have peace of mind that your children are getting the absolute best education possible.

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