Buyer & Seller Advice – March 2020

Believe it or not, homes are still selling! Despite COVID-19 causing a drastic shift in our economy and day-to-day, we view this mix as a perfect storm for the positive outcome of the housing market. The housing market started off much stronger this year than it did in 2019. As we view all the uncertainty circling around most areas of our lives right now, we can remain confident that our housing market will remain the foundation of our nation’s economy.


The only buyers who should be buying right now are people who absolutely need a home. I advise everyone else to wait 60-90 days, we need to see where this is all going.

We are recommending buyers that NEED to buy a home to request virtual showings from their agents. The market is still hot and coupled with The FED dropping interest rates to near-zero this month, there is still a lot of buyer demand. During this time, it is not impossible to buy a home, but adhering to more rigid showing protocols is necessary for the health and safety of all parties.

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Homes are still selling! Believe it or not, your home value is up. You can still get a lot of value if you sell your home right now. There are selling protocols you and your agent can follow to keep everyone’s health and safety prioritized. We can do a virtual listing presentation, virtual home tours and potentially even sell your home for top dollar without ever opening your doors to buyers.

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