Buying a home? Here are 3 reasons to work with us!

A lot of people ask us “Why should we use True Local Realty?” well… outside of our good looks and great sense of humor 😉 we have created 3 primary guarantees & services for our clients. We wanted to go beyond just offering great service, we wanted to offer something more to our clients, something that can drastically impact them financially, so here is what we came up with:

1) Love it Or Leave It Guarantee

If you purchase a home through True Local Realty and don’t love it within the first 6 months of buying it… we will sell it for FREE. 

What’s the catch? No catch, just a couple of Qualifications: 

  • We’ll waive our portion of the commission, but you will still have to pay the buyers REALTOR commission. Could range from 2-3% of the selling price – this fee we aren’t able to control. 
  • You have 180 days from closing to take advantage of this offer and sign a listing agreement. 
  • You will still be responsible for any extra fees associated with listing a home (outside of our commission which is totally free)

2) Break Your Lease for $0 Guarantee

That’s right! We guarantee that we can get you out of your current lease early if you purchase a home through us at $0.00, otherwise we will credit you up to $2,500 at the close of escrow to go towards breaking your lease. 

How does this work: 

  • Our sister company True Blue Property Management will lease out your current leased property at no cost to your landlord. Most landlords see this as a win since they will not have to pay a leasing fee. 
  • You are responsible for all rent up to the date you move out, along with any repair costs that are deducted from your deposit. 
  • If the landlord is not willing to cooperate and does seek damages from you for breaking your lease, we will contribute a max $2,500 to help you resolve the situation. 

3) First Responders Discount

Are you a first responder? Military, Hospital Worker, Fire Fighter, Police Officer? If so, we would like to pay for your physical home inspection (Max $600). This is a small gesture that we offer all of our first responders as a token of our appreciation for your dedication and service. 

How does it work: 

  • This amount is not paid upfront, it is credited back to you at the closing table. Meaning your agent will credit you this amount from their commission to go towards your closing costs. 
  • You must make us aware of your work before the close of escrow. This is not credited after. 
  • This is only for the whole home physical inspection. Any additional inspections are not covered.


If you have any questions about these offerings, please reach out to us, we would love to chat more about these! As always, we are here to help you with your real estate goals throughout San Diego.

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