A little about me

As a Southern California native and a seven-year resident of Northern San Diego, I possess extensive knowledge of not only San Diego, but most of Southern California. Spending my life in SoCal has given me a commitment to community and a deep sense of pride for where I come from. I enjoy giving back to my community in any way that I can, extending from beach clean ups, to donations to Rady’s Children’s Hospital. I was raised to have a strong sense of integrity and empathy, and this up bringing has instilled in me, a passion for using my skills, resources, and knowledge to help as many people as I can. This is what initially sparked in me, an interest in Real Estate sales. The allure of helping people with one of the largest decisions they are likely to make in their lifetime and making this process as painless and reassuring as possible, kindled an excitement in me that I had never before experienced.Outside of the office I am just as committed to helping those around me as when servicing a client. Weather it be family, friends, neighbors, or just a stranger in need I relish the opportunity to make the lives of those whom I encounter better in any way I can.