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Walk a few steps past the neon “North Park” sign at the intersection of University Avenue and 30th Street, and you’ll be entering one of San Diego’s most historic and dynamic districts. 

The neighborhood’s streets abound with cafes, restaurants, art galleries and performance venues. More than 10 top-ranked craft beer brewpubs and breweries line a 1.5 mile-stretch along 30th Street. Every Thursday, North Park Way becomes one of the nation’s most celebrated farmer’s markets with 90 tents selling locally grown produce, artisanal grocery items, prepared foods and hand-crafted goods. San Diego’s great weather makes North Park California the perfect place for festivals, free concerts and other outdoor events, and you’ll enjoy them throughout every season of the year.

North Park CA is in the midst of a renaissance, and it’s easy to see why. There’s an enormous amount to see and do here, and it’s all within walking distance. Here are just a few of the things we love about North Park!

Craftsman Cottages

North Park California’s Dryden Historic District is cherished by fans of 20th century American architecture. They flock to the area along 28th and Pershing Streets for a closer look at the Craftsman cottages, California bungalows and Spanish Colonial Revival homes that line the shady street.

Craftsman cottages became wildly popular in the first decade of the 20th century after the aqueducts were built and the trolley lines extended. Craftsman cottages were initially designed for working class families who used mail-order kits and locally available construction materials to build them. Many of the cottages were built by San Diego native David Owen Dryden after whom the historic district is named.

The local historical society and other community groups sponsor numerous walking tours of this area. Alternatively, you can explore the houses at your own pace by turning left at the neighborhood’s famous sign and walking a few blocks.

Wandering Art Galleries

On the second Saturday night of every month, North Park CA hosts San Diego’s largest art walk. This monthly celebration includes more than 25 local galleries and other neighborhood art venues, and draws artists and art lovers from all across California and the nation.

Ray Street is the heart of the neighborhood’s art scene, so it’s not surprising that many building walls along that thoroughfare are decorated with spectacular examples of mural art. Among the standouts are the pirate cats presiding over the parking lot, the elegant rhinoceros on the side of a concrete store and the mischievous mermaid who lives on a pet shop wall.

Great Eats

Foodies love North Park CA, too. As one of the city’s most culturally diverse areas, the neighborhood boasts some of San Diego’s coolest restaurants. 

On Adams Avenue, the thoroughfare the San Diego Union-Tribune has dubbed “Restaurant Row,” you’ll find authentic French bistros, tiny taco stands, noodle soup shops, sushi maestros, Mexican restaurants, sea food eateries and much, much more. However delicious the food is, though, you won’t want to linger over it too long because there’s always something else to see or do when you visit North Park.

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