Real Estate Service During this Pandemic

I’m no expert, but definitely highly trained and have been in Real Estate since 2006 in every aspect of this industry. Pretty much all I do is Real Estate and Investing, so I feel pretty comfortable talking about what is going on. I want everybody to know out there, myself and my agents, we’re meeting every single day talking about how we can consult with our clients and guide them through these times. If you have any questions and concerns I want to talk to you, so make sure to reach out to us, we are here to help!

This article is about how we are making changes in order to continue to service everybody out there.

So I’ll start on the listing side and some really cool things that we’ve done…

1) Virtual Design Consultation: We’ve been sending our our designer to actually do video chats with our clients to go through the house step-by-step just like we would do normally in person. She creates a checklist for what needs to be done and bam! Our client knows exactly what to do in order to get top dollar for their home.

2) Virtual Tours: The other thing that we’re doing is we’re adding virtual tours, which we’ve always done, but we’re also adding Matterport. Matterport is a program that literally lets you (the consumer or the buyer out there) go on our website or on wherever they find the home such as Zillow, and they can actually click through to go through each room, you can just scroll and look up and down and around, it’s amazing!

3) Showing Homes: Right now what we’re doing if a buyer wants to get into one of our listings, or one of our vendors needs to get in… we are making sure the homeowner is gone. We’re doing a video chat with owners and we’re having them prep the property. So what I mean by that is they’re going through the home and turning on all the lights, opening up all the doors, making sure the windows & blinds are open. So for example, when our photographer gets there he will not need to touch anything.

We’ve really went out of our way to get ahead of all of this and help our sellers feel comfortable through this time and still be able to sell their home.

How are we helping the buyer side?

Ideally we don’t want to be out viewing home unless we absolutely have to. Meaning someone is in a dire need to find housing. So… if we absolutely have to take a client to a property, we’re going through some extreme protocol to get them into the property.

1) Mutual Protocol: We make sure that we get both seller and the buyer to agree to this protocol. Then we what we do is we have the seller prep the house, open up all interior doors and have all the lights on so when we go to the property we don’t have to touch anything besides the front door.

2) Protection: We’re bringing gloves and yes, we got our hands on gloves, bringing sanitizer, and booties. Then we ask the buyer to bring a mask.

3) Virtual Tours: Yes we are doing virtual tours where we (just us agents) go the home and video chat with out clients to show them the property. This way there’s no interaction, there’s no crossing paths with anybody.

So, if anybody’s out there need to find a home, or sell a home, give us a call!

We are still servicing all of San Diego County and have local real estate agents specializing in: Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Vista, San Marcos, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach and North Park.

We’re always here to help. Feel free to reach out to us at 888-503-3117