Why Sell With Us Explained

Marketing Standards

First thing I would like to point out is that there is a marketing standard that needs to get done in order to get you top dollar for your home. Although that standard should be required by all agents across the board, unfortunately it’s not. So many agents don’t receive top dollar for their clients because of poor marketing. Make sure whoever you hire has a standard protocol that includes professional quality video, aerial photos, and virtual/matterport video. We always ensure that the best professionals are hired to market your home and that’s our standard.


Hands Free Selling

After sitting down with a client, we look at exactly what needs to be done to the house in order to ensure we get top dollar for it. We offer something to our clients called COMPASS CONCIERGE, where we can front load any capital needed in order to repair the home. We can utilize this by replacing flooring, painting, landscaping, remodeling, and doing anything else to make sure it’s in the best condition before selling. In addition to any upgrades, if you’re living in your house we will bring in an interior designer to show us what needs to be done to your house to sell at top dollar. And if you’re not living in it, we will stage your house at no cost to you! With all of that work, we take the burden off of your shoulders with our hands free selling.


HomeLight TRADE-IN Program

We buy your current home so you can avoid the stress, risk, and hassle of buying and selling at the same time. Get a guaranteed offer on your existing home, go make a strong offer on your new home, move into your new home on your schedule, then get full market value for your original home when we sell it for top dollar!


72-Hour Offer Guarantee

For those looking to move quick with an easy transaction, we can offer a 71-hour offer guarantee.The market has changed in real estate. We work closely with investors that will pay you close to full market value for your home. We as the professionals shop your home around with these individuals, corporations and big companies for a take it or leave it as is sale in 72-hours or less.


Cancel Anytime Guarantee

Our Cancel Anytime Guarantee is exactly that, if you are not happy with the service we provide, you can fire us at any time. By hiring us you don’t have to worry that you will be locked into a long 6+ month contract with a Realtor who isn’t truly working hard for you. We want to earn your business everyday and this is how we are held accountable.


These are just highlights of the value we bring our clients. Feel free to reach out to us for an in-depth explanation of these programs and other personalized incentives for you!


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